Although students may be easily grasping the concepts and skills for Language Arts, Math is an entirely different subject area that can cause many students and parents hours of frustration. Sometimes a student will need help in only one small concept area of mathematics such as multiplication, algebra or geometry. Mindstorm is available to help get the student through the obstacle they face and help them move forward while learning.Math Tutoring
Sometimes, especially young students who struggle with reading falter on their mathematics abilities due to learning challenges. When a student cannot easily master mathematics basic skills or advance concepts, one-on-one tutoring helps a teacher to understand where the student is struggling. This is vital to remove obstacles in the path to learning and advance the students to reach their full potential.

Math Tutoring
Math Tutoring Services Another common occurrence is that students become overwhelmed by the sight of word problems. Is there anything more frightening than the sentence “A train left the station at…?” Mindstorm helps the student break down sentences and word phrases into and understandable mathematic equations. How to turn words into math facts is a basic concept needed repeatedly for success in basic mathematic classes and real life situations. Most word problems concepts are utilized in everyday life, when we relate the learning to student’s needs, they become excited about the concepts they are exploring and are eager to participate.

At Mindstorm we try to take the fear and frustration out of learning. We don’t want a student to believe they “can’t do math”. We teach a student with patience and innovative strategies to encourage confidence while mastering skills necessary to succeed. Math skills are a vital part of learning and essential for all students. When our student understands the relevance to a concept, and is encouraged to take chances exploring new areas in a cooperative learning environment, their capabilities soar. At Mindstorm we are willing to work together and understand with parents, students, and schools to help your child become an accomplished successful learner.