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It’s the rare parent who hasn’t at some time ended a busy day confronted by a recalcitrant, defiant or hysterical child faced with assignments he or she neglected to mention, didn’t understand or refuses to do. Educators spend lots of time arguing about the pro’s and con’s of homework. The bottom line is, it’s a fact of life for school age children and their parents. Whether or not it has a significant affect on overall academic achievement may be a matter of debate, but most experts agree that if nothing else, homework gives students a chance to develop constructive study, organizational and problem solving skills that will help them throughout their educations and even as adults.
At Mindstorm we take a multi-faceted approach to homework help. Working as navigators mindful of the goals of the parents, teachers and students, we offer supplemental support that focuses on building skills and study habits, along with attention to particular assignments. For some families, the solution might be an hour or two a week that gives parents time off and students, another perspective. Others might seek advice on how to create a workable system that endures with or without the tutor, intensive focus on a problematic area of study or guidance throughout a long-term project.